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News (and Olds)

[2009-08-15] eLibPro will be updated soon so that it can continue retrieving information from Amazon.
[2005-01-28] eLibPro V1.3 released.
[2005-01-21] Bookinfo V1.1 released.
[2004-11-21] eLibPro V1.2 released.
[2004-11-21] Bookinfo V1.0 Final released.
[2004-10-20] New homepage... (Finally!)
[2004-08-06] eLibPro V1.1 released.


Freeware Utilities

eLibPro - Manage your book collection in a nice and easy way


Having so many books (many of them being eBooks), wouldn't it be nice to have a software application to manage all of them? eLibPro is such a software utility to manage your personal book collection (for both print books and ebooks).

Download book information from Internet automatically
Drag & Drop support
Multiple Language Interface (MUI) support
Barcode scanners are supported
and much more!

Bookinfo - Retrieve book information from


Bookinfo is a tool which can retrieve information of books from It allows you to view basic information about a particular book very quickly and easily.

Query Amazon book database by ISBN, title, author and/or publisher
Monitor clipboard for ISBN
Generate forum post based on the template provided
and much more!

HTML Linker - Add navigation links among a group of html files

HTML Linker

HTML Linker is an easy to use utility that can add navigation links or buttons (such as "Previous" and "Next") to a group of html files. It's especially useful for people who want to make ebooks in CHM format.

Sort files by file name or date modified
Save and open file list
Navigation HTML code is stored in a template file (htmlinker.txt)
and much more!

HTML Tag Remover - Remove specified HTML tags in html files

HTML Tag Remover

HTML Tag Remover is a small utility that can remove specified HTML tags in one or more html files. You specify the starting tag and the ending tag, and the software will remove everything between them, including the starting and ending tags.


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