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Current Version: 1.3 (Formerly eLibrary)

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Please visit our forum for a list of new features and bug fixes in this version.

Having so many books (many of them being eBooks), it would be nice to have a software application to manage all of them. eLibPro is such a utility to manage your personal book collection (print books AND ebooks).


  • Use tree structure to manage book categories. It has a familiar Windows Explorer-like user interface
  • Unlimited "Related Links" can be added for each book. The "Links" can be URLs, eBook files on local hard disk, or even folders
  • Use XML/XSL to display book details. Its content template and display style are completely configurable by the user
  • Most of the book's information can be retrieved from the web. It can query online ( by ISBN, or by a combination of book title, author and/or publisher
  • Multiple selection (using Ctrl, Shift or Mouse) is supported in the book list window, and the book detail window can update on the fly
  • Sort on any column in the book list window
  • WYSIWYG editor for books' "Description" and "Notes" fields
  • Drag & Drop support
  • Search in the book collection
  • "Favorites" and "Reading List" support
  • Multiple Language Interface (MUI) support
  • Native Unicode support
  • Barcode scanners are supported.

Rated 5 Stars! Rated 5 Stars! Rated 5 Stars! Rated 5 Stars! Rated 5 Stars! Rated 5 Stars!

Note: This is the Unicode build of the software, which will not work properly on Windows 95/98/Me. Currently we do not have any plan to support those old Window systems.

There is a sample data file (sample.mdb) in the package. You can use eLibPro to open it and familiarize yourself with the software.
Current version is 1.3. Many features, such as Advanced Search, will be added in later versions.

Comments and suggestions are always welcomed!

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